$177.00 USD

Psychic Protection Energy Clearing Bundle with Maya

Submit your email address and payment details to receive access to powerful audio-recorded energy-clearing sessions with Maya Zahira.

These sessions will guide you during specific times:

  • To help you keep your energy clean and clear, free of any negative spiritual interference.
  • When you are experiencing any level of psychic attack, spiritual warfare, or spiritual targeting.
  • As a guide as you learn how to establish your own healthy routines for daily energy maintenance. 

You'll get two powerful audio-recorded energy-clearing sessions, plus a helpful handout with step-by-step instructions on Maya's daily energy-clearing protocol.

I'm so excited to see you inside the course!


IMPORTANT: If you are a member of Spiritual Empowerment Academy, you already have this as part of your membership.


What People Are Saying:

Most powerful clearing I have ever received and slept for 3 hours straight after, feeling like a brand new person. Thank you Maya, again, for being such a strong pillar of light for us all.

These meditations are the best-kept secret there is. I hope lots of people find them as useful as I do. Thank you, Maya, for these long-distance healing sessions. They really work.

Maya, yesterday's energy healing was AMAZING!!!❤❤❤ THANK YOU!!! Before I even began listening to it [the recording], I felt a sense of relief, is the best way I could describe it. At about 7:30 ish, I had a deep exhale and it made me feel it was time to go listen to it ....And when I did....I felt connected, surrounded by angels, at peace. And that you were speaking directly to me, yet we were all connected at the same time. Tears rolled down my face at least 3 times but in a good way! Like I was supported in love and it was ok to open up and release. I've never had energy healing before and I realized I was finally ready for it. ❤ Thank you!