All The Tools You Need To Reclaim Your Spiritual Power

If you are dealing with...


  • Empath or lightworker sensitivity overwhelm 
  • Blocks to your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • A psychic attack, curse, or other negative spiritual interference
  • Exposure to unwanted dark forces or spiritual warfare
  • Spirit attachment or entity harassment
  • Disentangling from an abusive spiritual teacher, healer, or dark shaman
  • Or, the challenges of being a spiritually-targeted individual....


You need Spiritual Empowerment Academy.

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Yes, I'm ready to reclaim my power!

Hi, my name is Maya Zahira


I have dealt with various aspects of psychic attack, empath sensitivity, and unwanted paranormal interference for most of my life. 

From growing up in a household with a demonically possessed family member, to living in a seriously dangerous haunted farmhouse in my mid-20s, to being the target of black magick on more than one occasion, spiritual warfare was nothing new to me.

In 2016, I battled and survived a horrifying psychic attack at the hands of a false light entity.  By that point, I had already been a spiritual teacher for a number of decades, but this was when I finally stepped up to work with clients and students specifically in the field of psychic protection. 

Surviving that experience activated a series of powerful spiritual downloads, activations, and understandings about all things spiritual warfare.


Yes, I have lots of years of experience as a spiritual teacher, but what's more important is that I am a REAL person just like you

I've been through the most soul-jarring spiritual warfare imaginable. 

I know what it is like to go through this. 

I know how isolating, scary, and traumatizing it can be. 

And I know exactly how to resolve the issues once and for all.

In my online Spiritual Empowerment Academy, I'll teach you exactly how to....  

  • Kick entities and unwanted energies to the curb.
  • Harness and hone your true spiritual gifts.
  • Manage your energy field and empath sensitivities.
  • Develop a keen sense of spiritual discernment.
  • Undo any curses or black magick affecting you or your ancestry.
  • And finally reclaim your power!


Read on to learn what's included in the program...


Group Energy Clearing Sessions with Maya

Potent, powerful long-distance energy healing sessions to help you clear, repair, and strengthen your energy and protect you on all levels. 

Group Q&A with Maya

Zoom meeting where you can ask Maya about anything--life guidance, psychic protection, reading the energy of you or your home, connecting with your guides and angels, etc.

Monthly Zoom Classes with Maya

Every month, we gather on Zoom for guided shamanic journeys, teaching, group sharing, and hands-on practice as you master your spiritual skills.  Join live or catch the replay.


Members-Only Facebook Group

This is where you can post questions, share stories, read daily announcements, and more.  We also have a monthly Facebook Live where Maya shares announcements, personal stories, inspirations, intuitive oracle messages, and more.

Amazing Archive of Online Content

As a member of Spiritual Empowerment Academy, you can gain access to over 5 years' worth of Maya's past online classes.  Binge-watch loads of classes in psychic protection, intuitive development, ancestral clearing, past life clearing, and so much more.

Ongoing Guidance and Support

You no longer have to feel so alone in your struggle.  You'll have access to an entire community (plus Maya!) who understand what you are going through.  This is invaluable!


Let's do this. 

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I'm READY!!!!

In Spiritual Empowerment Academy, you will learn how to transform and heal...

  • The issues that made you a target in the first place. 
  • Disconnection from your own power and your true spiritual source.
  • Unconscious vows and soul agreements that no longer serve you.
  • Damage to your energy field that made you a target for non-beneficial energy.
  • Ancestral curses that have been blocking you from thriving in life.
  • Patterns and habits that do not support your higher soul's purpose.


"I appreciate your constant support, your guidance, and your incredible insight into everything. I feel like finally, I'm working with the right person, and I consider you such a mentor. xx"  M., Colorado



"The support I get from Maya Zahira has been absolutely amazing. I have grown so much. I trust myself a lot more now. I have taken what I have learned and ran with it. I wish I could go to a school like Spiritual Empowerment Academy full time. I love it."  N.C., California


"My work with Maya has changed my life - can´t express my gratitude and happiness about that enough!   This group is my tribe - we share and support each other and this is something I get no place else but here. Love you all!!! Thank you Maya for this community!"  K., Scotland


"What first inspired me to join Maya's program was her authenticity and connection to Spirit. I've enjoyed learning from the program over the past three years because her teaching is grounded, easy to follow, and the techniques are practical.

She GENUINELY cares about her students and helps us achieve our potential through personalized spiritual healing and intuitive guidance. The best part, in my opinion, is the safe, loving, and sacred community space passionately nurtured by Maya."  S.F., Nebraska


"I joined Maya's program because I felt I was being called to great change.  To anyone out there thinking about joining I would say jump! Jump and don't look back. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. 

Maya, I am so grateful for the love and support you give each week for this group! Sometimes life has gotten crazy over the last year with the biggest life changes I have gone through. Your program made the ride a little softer and the journey a little easier. Thank you!!!" S.H., Oregon


"Maya, I would like to thank you!

I have grown and developed so much over the past two years working with you, I have come a long way!  My confidence level has skyrocketed!! I have gained confidence in myself, in my interactions with other people, and in my psychic abilities.

I feel empowered! I feel a sense of control over my life I haven't had in a very long time. I used to be so afraid of the negative "cooties" [bad energy], that I tried to shut down even the good things coming in.

I now enjoy working to enhance my psychic abilities and no longer fear it.  I am so glad I found you and the things you offer. I love having a group of people who also share similar experiences.

I no longer feel alone and lost. Thank you for the support you offer on so many levels." T.P., Missouri


"My path crossed with Maya’s just as I was experiencing a deep awakening to my intuitive abilities and had just come to the realization I was a highly sensitive Empath.

As a manager, I was under constant psychic attack and with Maya’s guidance, I have not only learned about psychic protection but have learned how to manage this for myself and to help others as well.

The depth of knowledge Maya Zahira has to offer would be beneficial for anyone experiencing spiritual growth and needing expert guidance and personal mentoring.

The amazing content of her class offerings are so aligned with my own growth journey I feel as though this program is completely custom-tailored to my needs." L.F., Missouri


"I love working with Maya!

She is authentic, honest, and has strong integrity. I feel as if I'm working with a good friend who always has my back. She has great insight and encouragement, along with excellent ideas and solutions to any problems I am experiencing, and they really work!

Maya is fun and has a great sense of humor and is very sweet and understanding. I trust her completely and feel as if I can tell her anything.

I love how Maya shares so much helpful information! I've never known any other teacher or program that is this detailed, organized and complete.

She is always there for me, whether I have a question, am afraid, or just need to share. Now that I've found her, with her programs and classes, I know I won't have to worry or be afraid anymore." D.R., Washington 


"Maya, yesterday's energy healing was AMAZING!!! 

THANK YOU!!!  Before I even began listening to it [the recording], I felt a sense of relief, is the best way I could describe it. At about 7:30 ish, I had a deep exhale and it made me feel it was time to go listen to it

....And when I did....I felt connected, surrounded by angels, at peace. And that you were speaking directly to me, yet we were all connected at the same time. Tears rolled down my face at least 3 times but in a good way! Like I was supported in love and it was ok to open up and release.

I've never had energy healing before and I realized I was finally ready for it.Thank you!"  M.C., Missouri

You don't have to go through these issues alone.

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Yes, I'm ready to receive support!

Dear one, It is time for you to finally get the help that you need.


It's time to stop floundering.

Take a deep breath and place your hand on your heart. 

You are in the right place.  


Is Maya Zahira's online Spiritual Empowerment Academy right for you?


This program is for you if you...


  • Want to establish lasting, permanent results.
  • Are ready to do what it takes to resolve this issue.
  • Are committed to your own soul growth.
  • Are eager to learn and apply new methods.
  • Want to be part of a supportive group of people.


This program is NOT for people who...


  • Hope the problem will magically go away on its own.
  • Are not willing to do the work necessary to resolve the issue.
  • Expect a quick-fix solution.
  • Quit if something feels hard.

Below, you will find information on pricing and next steps.


Please note that this is an in-depth 12-month program and only students committed to a full year will qualify.

Spiritual Empowerment Academy



  • Option to purchase 1-on-1 private sessions with Maya Zahira (not available to the public)
  • Full access to the HUGE ONLINE ARCHIVE of past classes & energy clearing sessions
  • Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Group Energy Clearing Sessions 
  • Group Q&A with Maya
  • Monthly Zoom Classes
  • Ongoing guidance and support within the group
  • 12-month program
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 Within the Spiritual Empowerment Academy, you have access to Maya's complete extensive library of content in spiritual growth and empowerment. 


Within this tier, you have FULL ACCESS to the MASTER LEVEL Online Archive at your fingertips, which includes:


  • Over 500 learning modules of content at your fingertips
  • Course Introduction
  • Current Content portal
  • Fundamentals portal
  • Emergency Self-Care portal
  • Library of Facebook Live Replays
  • Library of Q&A Replays
  • Library of Long-Distance Energy Balancing Sessions
  • Psychic Protection Essentials portal
  • Psychic Protection Emergency Kit portal
  • Advanced Psychic Protection portal
  • Intuitive/Psychic Development portal
  • Personal Transformation portal
  • Ancestral Clearing portal
  • Akashic Records, Past Lives, Future Lives portal
  • Understanding the Past and Upcoming Year portal
  • Bonus: Maya Zahira's Empath Survival Kit
  • Bonus: Maya Zahira's Energy Clearing Bundle
  • Bonus: Manifestation and New Beginnings Bundle
  • More Bonus Content

"I am blown away by how much I have grown and how much I've learned!!


You are such an amazing teacher, Maya.

You have an incredible ability to meet people where they are and teach them from there.


My spiritual growth these last few years has been fun and exciting and enlightening and I'm so glad you have been there to teach me so much." 

J.D., Arizona


Now is the time to reclaim your power.


You deserve to have peace again in your life.


Apply now.

It's time to receive the support you need.


Breathe deep.  Help and healing are on the way.


Yes, I'm ready to reclaim my power.

What Students Are Saying About Spiritual Empowerment Academy


Students from all over the world talk candidly about why they joined the academy, how they have grown, and what they have gained from the experience.

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Student Testimonials Gathering


"Dear Maya,  I just wanted to say 'thank you.'



Thank you for holding space and bearing witness to what is one of the most horrible and upsetting private struggles of my life.  



Thank you for not walking away from me, but holding out your hand and offering to help.  In a world where things like demonic oppression are taboo, this gives me strength.  Thank you for helping me to finally get to the bottom of my issues.



I have seen so many healers, so many mediums, shamans, intuitives, you name it, but no one has ever been able to see what you told me today, and it feels right.




Thank you for diving into the unknown territory of shadows, darkness, and entity attachment where few healers have the fortitude to go.  



Until I found you, I was very alone fighting these issues with what little resources I could find.  


Now, I see you as a warrior, lighting the way for truth, against false light, against all the evil that's been keeping people down for so long.  



Thank you for being so open, honest, and approachable so that I feel like I can, with all my issues, fall apart in front of you and you won't judge me.


And lastly, thank you for doing the work that you do.

I know that you have your own story, your own struggle that has led you to this point. You have looked fear in the eye and said, NO! I hope to be as strong as you one day."  M., Colorado


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Maya Zahira's Psychic Protection Emergency Kit

An in-depth self-study course with all the information you need to help you clear a psychic attack, curse, or entity issue.  (a $1450 value)


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It's time to follow your inner compass.


I call my power back now!





Still not sure if Spiritual Empowerment Academy is right for you?


Here are a few options:

Email us with any questions about the program.


Click here to schedule a 15-minute Clarity Call with Maya Zahira where she will help determine which program is right for you.  To ensure serious inquiries only, this call is $75.  


If you cannot afford the premium academy at this time, consider joining Maya's donation-based group energy-clearing membership starting at $20/mo.



There are options for everyone, so you don't have to keep struggling through this all alone.


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